Friday, May 22, 2009

Aaden Gosselin "the professor" Aaden Jonathan Gosselin was born May 10, 2004. His the middle child of the sextuplets (3rd sextuplet, 5th kid) Aaden is an adorable child who warms the hearts of women everywhere with his little glasses and cheeky grin. Aaden befriends everyone he meets because he is so friendly and kind. He gets along very well with all of his brothers and sisters.

Hannah Gosselin Joy Gosselin was born May 10, 2004 and is the second oldest sextuplet (or fourth born). Hannah is mommy's little helper and the most mature out of the sextuplets and tends to act like a big sister to all the other little kids.. But, with acting mature, comes the attitude of a teenager. Hannah is a great kid who looks like a Hawaiian beauty. She is very close with her sister Leah.